Saudi Media Award 2024

In line with Vision 2030 to empower media content and its human capital, this prestigious award honors visionary creators who lead Saudi Arabia’s limitless ambitions across 6 diverse domains, in accordance with specific criteria and requirements, governed by an expert panel of esteemed media professionals and scholars.

With your achievements, we draw the horizon of the future



Saudi and Arab media pioneers for their outstanding achievements.​


Exceptional professional and academic works in the industry.​


Media talents to excel through outstanding performance.​


Pioneering Saudi initiatives in media and communication.​


influential figures whose work advanced Saudi journalism.​


Employees Of Media Institutions, Individuals Or Groups
Representatives Of Media Organizations Or Company Representatives
Faculty And Staff From Media College Departments At Saudi Universities
Media Personalities Nominated By The Advisory Board Of The Forum​

Mark Your Calendars!

Nov 22nd, 2023​

Award Launch

Dec 10th, 2023​

Registration Starting​

Jan 7th, 2024​

Registration Closing​

Feb 11th, 2024​

Judge’s Deliberations​

Feb 12th, 2024​

Winners Shortlisted​

Feb 13th and 14th, 2024

Winners Selection​

Feb 21st, 2024​

Award Ceremony​

General Terms & Conditions

The following conditions must be met for submitted/ nominated works to be eligible:

1-The submitted work must be new and recently published, within the award cycle - i.e. no more than one year from date of work publication to the date of the current award launch.​

2-Nominees must apply under award categories that accept individual nominations; media teams under group categories; and institutions under institution categories; and so on.

3-The submitted material must be relevant to the award tracks and sub-categories applied under.

4-Nominees must provide all required information as per the nomination form.

5-The submitted work must not have previously won the award.​

6-Nominees must be aware of and accept the award terms and criteria for their respective category.

7-Submitted works must respect intellectual property and copyright.

8-Proof of experience in the media field must be provided (years of experience, number of media works contributed to).

9-Forum committee members and jurors are not eligible for nomination under any circumstances.