The Third Saudi Media Forum to be Held next February



The CEO of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority and Chairman of the Saudi Media Forum, Mohammed bin Fahd Al-Harthy, has announced the commencement date of the “Saudi Media Forum 2024” for its third edition. The forum, organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Journalists Association, is scheduled to take place from February 19 to 21, 2024. The announcement of the forum coincided with a ceremony hosted by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in celebration of the World Television Day.


The Saudi Media Forum, in its third edition, builds on the success witnessed in its previous first and second editions. It reaffirms the forum’s significance and its active role in achieving a positive impact extending throughout the media sphere. This underscores the forum’s commitment to advancing the Saudi media industry, exploring its latest technologies in the face of a rapidly changing world across all sectors, including the media.


The forum aims to create a vibrant and dynamic community for investment opportunities and the exchange of local and international experiences in the media field. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the Kingdom’s media standing through an influential media platform that attracts global attention, shedding light on prominent local and international media experiences.


The CEO of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority emphasized the importance of the Saudi media keeping pace with the journey towards achieving the ambitious national vision. This journey, closely tied to media roles, includes hosting forums and media events of this magnitude. Such initiatives affirm the cultural progress in the Kingdom, reflected in intellectual growth and cultural depth. The Kingdom, with its openness to others, is moving forward in realizing the principles of acceptance, coexistence, and experience exchange through a global media forum. Al-Harthy underscored the significance of building and strengthening communication bridges with all local and international media institutions, aiming to achieve a positive impact. He highlighted that hosting specialized media events like this forum will contribute to enhancing the quality of the media industry, propelling it to stay current with the ever-evolving technologies in the field.


Al-Harthy explained that the forum will feature the “FOMEX” Future of Media Exhibition as part of its events, under the theme “Future of Media,” taking place from February 19 to 21. FOMEX stands as a unique artistic, technical, and media exhibition, the largest of its kind in the Middle East. It showcases modern experiences in the media industry, activates modern television and radio production, and stay current with the rapid pace of media transformations, by attracting leading companies and experiences in global production.


The exhibition serves as an opportunity for media enthusiasts, offering various specialized and high-quality workshops presented by experts, academics, and practitioners with experience and expertise in various media fields.


Al-Harthy emphasized that the Saudi Broadcasting Authority ensured the inclusivity of the target audience of the forum and its accompanying exhibition. This reflects their belief that modern media is no longer limited to traditional media institutions, as it was in the past. Instead, anyone possessing a means of communication can convey their media message.


The forum concludes by awarding the winners of the “Saudi Media Forum Award” for its third edition. This award is presented with each forum edition, reflecting the belief of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in the importance of honoring contributors to local and regional media work. It aims to foster fair competition among creators in the media field, motivating individuals and groups with media expertise to present outstanding works. This contributes to showcasing pioneering Saudi experiences in media and communication, recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions to the media journey, enhancing their presence locally and regionally.


The award encompasses six categories: Journalism, Audiovisual Production, Research Papers, Digital Media, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Media Personality of the Year 2024. The diverse categories provide an opportunity for a broader range of participants interested in nominating themselves for the award, ensuring inclusivity across various media approaches.