The Third Saudi Media Forum Set to Take Place in Riyadh Next February


In continuation of the success witnessed by The Globe Through a Closer Lens, in its first and second editions, and in confirmation of its importance and effective role in achieving an extended positive impact in the media space, the third edition of the forum, organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in cooperation with the Saudi Journalists Association, begins from 19 to 21 February in Riyadh.


The Future of Media Exhibition “FOMEX” will also be held within the activities of the Saudi Media Forum.


Believing that modern media is no longer limited to media institutions, the Authority was keen to include the target groups in the forum and the accompanying exhibition.


Promoting the principle of openness to others and civilizational growth..


Mohammed Al Harithi, the CEO of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, and President of the Saudi Media Forum, stated that “Establishing media forums and forums of this magnitude confirms the state of civilization that Saudi Arbia is experiencing, in terms of intellectual growth and cultural depth, in addition to openness to others, and moving forward towards achieving the principle of acceptance, coexistence, and exchange of experiences through a global media forum”.


The Forum’s editions:

The first edition in Riyadh, November 2019.

The second edition in Riyadh, February 2023.

The third edition in Riyadh, February 2024