The Saudi Media Forum to Prepare the Sector’s Future with more than 30 Sessions


The Saudi capital, Riyadh, is expected next February to witness the launch of the Saudi Media Forum, and the Future of Media Exhibition “FOMX”, in addition to celebrating the winners of the Saudi Media Award in its various tracks.


Over 30 sessions will be included in this third edition of the forum discussing the future of the media sector, as speakers will present many visions and trends that focus entirely on the developments of the media and its future.


These sessions will cover several sectors, including sports and its relationship with the media, in addition to the financial and business sectors, tourism, and major events. In addition to a session on Expo Riyadh 2030, and a special session for the 2034 World Cup, as well as other vital sectors such as the energy sector, applications of AI in the media, infrastructure investment, and technology in media business.


The forum will be held in partnership with the Saudi Journalists Association from 20 to 21 February, with Arab and international participation, and in the presence of several prominent media figures, academics, and specialized experts.


The Future of Media Exhibition “FOMEX” will be held from February 19 to 21, with the participation of major local and international media companies and institutions. The exhibition is scheduled to witness the participation of more than 200 exhibitors from various parts of the world, which is an opportunity to build partnerships and exchange expertise and experiences.


The Saudi Media Forum is celebrating also the winners of the Saudi Forum Media Award, as this award can be joined for participation through 6 tracks, which are: Journalism (report, article, dialogue), Audiovisual production (short films, visual and talk shows, visual reports, radio programs, podcasts). In addition to Research Papers “studies and research”, Digital Media “social media platforms, the best digital platform, digital arts in the media field”, Entrepreneurship and Innovation “innovation in institutional communication, pioneering projects in the media field, media innovation for the non-profit sector”, and Media Personality of the year 2024.


Applying for the competition is available to the 7th of January, and registration can be made via the link, with easy steps that begin by logging in or creating an account, then choosing the award category and filling out the required data. The status of participation can be followed by subscribing to the award’s newsletter.