The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts is the Creative Partner for the Saudi Media Forum and “Fomex” Exhibition


Media Center: January 28, 2024

The Saudi Media Forum announced the inclusion of the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts as the creative partner in the third edition of the forum, which is organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority from February 20-21. This partnership extends to the Future of Media Exhibition “Fomex” that taking place from February 19-21.

This partnership between both sides underscores the importance of the media’s role in promoting awareness and understanding of traditional arts in Saudi Arabia. It aims to enhance the standing of these arts in society and encourage efforts dedicated to their preservation.

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts works to represent the Kingdom’s culture by narrating its artistic history, showcasing stories of traditional artistic works, and telling the tales of artists. Additionally, it focuses on preserving the authenticity of these arts and encouraging enthusiasts to learn, master, and develop them.

The Institute aims to affirm national identity by enriching and promoting traditional arts. It seeks to encourage and train talents in traditional art fields, provide educational programs tailored to their aspirations, recognize the living treasures among the outstanding and pioneering individuals contributing to traditional arts, honor them, and offer incentives and financial support to continue and promote their work.

This third edition of the Saudi Media Forum will witness broad Arab and international participation, with the presence of prominent media figures, academics, experts, and specialists. Over 30 sessions will be held to discuss the future of the media sector, where speakers will share various insights and trends, focusing on the developments and future of the industry.

Moreover, the Future of Media Exhibition “Fomex” will feature the participation of leading local and international media companies and institutions. Fomex is expected to host over 200 exhibitors from around the world, providing an opportunity to build partnerships and exchange experiences and expertise.