Saudi Aramco as the Strategic Partner for the Saudi Media Forum


Media Center: 11 December 2023

The Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is set to host the third annual Saudi Media Forum in Riyadh in February, in strategic partnership with Saudi Aramco. The partnership continues the success achieved by both parties during last year’s edition, which positively impacted the forum’s outcomes and goal achievements.

The forum will be held under the patronage of a group of partners from governmental and private entities, contributing to the forum by supporting and enhancing its content.

The forum will see the participation of over 2,000 media leaders from 30 countries, and around 100 specialized papers, perspectives, and experiences will be presented during its sessions by a select group of media experts at both the local and global levels.


The forum’s activities will witness the organization of the Future of Media Exhibition “FOMEX”, which is an artistic, technical and media exhibition that is considered the largest of its kind in the Middle East.


The Saudi Media Forum reviews recent experiences in the media industry and the activation of modern television and radio production activity, by attracting leading companies and expertise in the field of global production, keeping pace with the rapid pace of media transformations.