Rotana as the Media Sponsor of the Saudi Media Forum and the “Fomex” Exhibition


Media Center: January 31, 2024

Additionally, “Rotana” will also be a media sponsor for the “Fomex” Future of Media exhibition held alongside the forum from February 19-21, organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Journalists Association.

Rotana’s sponsorship of the Saudi Media Forum contributes to enhancing cultural and creative diversity in the media landscape. It also provides an opportunity to explore commercial collaboration with those interested in the media industry, both locally and globally.

Rotana Group is among the prominent media and entertainment companies in the region, possessing a diverse range of television channels that offer rich and varied content, including music, entertainment programs, and expertise in cinematic production.

The Saudi Media Forum aims to build and strengthen communication bridges with all specialized institutions, both locally and internationally, to achieve a positive impact, elevate the quality of the media industry, and keep it abreast of constantly evolving technologies.

The third edition of the Saudi Media Forum reaffirms its importance and active role in achieving a lasting positive impact in the media space. It strives to develop the media industry in Saudi Arabia, explore its latest technologies, adapt to a dynamically changing world, and create a vibrant community for investment opportunities and the exchange of local and international experiences, all while enhancing the Kingdom’s media standing.