Preparations for Launching the Third Edition of the Saudi Media Forum


Preparations are underway to launch the third edition of the Saudi Media Forum 2024, during the period from February 19 to 21, organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in cooperation with the Saudi Journalists Association.


The CEO of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, Mohammed Al-Harithi, stressed that holding such specialized media events will contribute to raising the level of quality of the media industry and push it to keep pace with the latest technologies in this constantly changing industry, pointing to the importance of building and strengthening bridges of communication with local and international media institutions.


He also expressed his thanks to the Minister of Media, Salman Al-Dosari for his support and interest in everything that serves the media ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.


He stressed the importance of the Saudi media keeping pace with the journey to achieve the nation’s ambitious vision, which is inseparable from media roles, including holding media forums and forums of this magnitude. This confirms the state of civilization that the Kingdom is experiencing in terms of intellectual growth and cultural depth, in addition to openness to others and moving forward towards achieving the principle of acceptance, coexistence, and exchange of experiences through a global media forum.


As part of the forum’s activities, the Future of Media Exhibition “FOMEX” will be held under the title “The Future of Media,” starting from February 19 to 21. It is an artistic, technical and media exhibition that is considered the largest of its kind in the Middle East.


The exhibition showcases modern experiences in the media industry, activating modern television and radio production activity, and keeping pace with the rapid pace of media transformations by attracting leading companies and expertise in the field of global production.


The exhibition is also an opportunity for those passionate about the fields of media, through the holding of several specialized and qualitative workshops, presented by a group of specialists, academics and practitioners who have experience and competence in various fields of media.


The forum concludes its activities by crowning the winners with the “Saudi Media Forum Award” in its third edition, which is awarded with every session of the forum, and comes from the authority’s belief in the importance of honoring actors in local and regional media work, in a way that creates an honest competition between creators in the field of media.


The award includes 6 tracks, including the Journalism, Audiovisual Production, Research Papers, Digital Media, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Media Personality of the Year 2024. This reflects the authority’s keenness to diversify the award’s paths to include all media methods, thus providing a greater opportunity for everyone interested in running for the award.


The award motivates highly qualified individuals and groups to present distinguished media works and contributes to introducing the pioneering Saudi experiences in the field of media and communication, and in appreciation of the personalities who contribute to the media process in a way that enhances their presence locally and in the Arab world.


The Saudi Media Forum comes in its third edition in continuation of the previous success witnessed in its first and second editions, and in confirmation of the importance of the forum and its effective role in achieving an extended positive impact in the media space; In an effort to develop the Saudi media industry and discover its latest technologies.