“Nabd” App as the Media Partner for the Saudi Media Forum and the “FOMEX” exhibition


Media Center: January 24, 2024

The Saudi Media Forum, in its third edition from February 20-21, has announced that “Nabd” app is its media partner. “Nabd” is a leading digital platform in the media industry, aiming to provide comprehensive media content to users.

“Nabd” also participates as a media partner for the “FOMEX” Future of Media Exhibition, held alongside the forum. This reinforces the app’s position as a prominent digital news platform, highlighting its efforts to enhance reliable and distinguished media content.

The app’s participation in the “FOMEX” exhibition, taking place from February 19 to 21 with over 200 local and international companies, will enable it to connect with advertising companies and local and global digital content agencies. This facilitates the exchange of experiences, supporting the media sector.

FOMEX exhibition is expected to host various events and workshops aimed at enhancing digital interaction and exploring the latest innovations and technologies in the media field. This presents a real opportunity to strengthen relationships between media and technology entities in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Media Forum reaffirms its importance and active role in achieving a positive impact in the media landscape, seeking to advance the industry in Saudi Arabia and explore its latest technologies in a changing world, it aims to create a vibrant community for investment opportunities and exchange of local and international experiences. Additionally, the forum enhances the Kingdom’s media standing by attracting global attention, shedding light on prominent local and international experiences