n a Dedicated Session on the “Suffering of Palestinians”.. The “Gaza Tragedy” Will be Discussed at the Saudi Media Forum, Addressing the “Bias of Western Media”


The Saudi Media Forum, launching its third edition in Riyadh next week on February 20 and 21, has not overlooked the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza due to months of war. The forum dedicates a session to uncover the dimensions of accusing Western media of bias towards Israel and misinformation in their media coverage of the Gaza war, with the participation of journalists, media professionals, and officials.

This session title is “Gaza in the Media: Between Misrepresentation and Bias.” Participants include the former Kuwaiti Minister of Information, Dr. Saad bin Tefla Al-Ajmi, the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Ghassan Charbel, and the Assistant Secretary General and Supervisor of the Media and Communication Sector at the Arab League, Ahmed Khattabi. The session will be moderated by the media personality Hussein Al-Sheikh, a program host on Al Arabiya channel.

The session explores several key aspects, including how the media handles events in Gaza amidst Western misrepresentation and bias. It delves into the Arab media’s utilization of Gaza events to reintroduce the Palestinian cause to the international political and media stage. Additionally, it examines how the events in Gaza pose a genuine test for the media, showcasing examples of Arab journalists’ experiences with the Palestinian issue.

The Saudi Media Forum 2024, organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Journalists Association, sees the extensive participation of over 2000 local and international media figures in its discussions. The forum also hosts the “FOMEX” Future of Media Exhibition, the largest media exhibition in the Middle East, with over 200 local and international companies participating from February 19 to 21. Additionally, the forum includes an awards ceremony on the final day to honor creative individuals across various media fields.