Media Minister inaugurates the registration for the third wdition of the Saudi Media Forum


His Excellency, the Minister of Media, Salman Al-Dosari, launched, during his attendance at the Excellence in Media Award ceremony, the registration portal for the third edition of the Saudi Media Forum. The forum is organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in partnership with the Saudi Journalists Association, and will be held from February 19 to 21, 2024.

The Saudi Media Forum aims to build and strengthen bridges of communication with all specialized institutions, both locally and internationally, to achieve a positive impact. It also strives to enhance the quality of the media industry and keep it abreast of constantly evolving technologies.

The Saudi Media Forum, in its third edition, reaffirms its significance and active role in achieving a positive impact across the media landscape. It seeks to develop the media industry in Saudi Arabia, explore its latest technologies, adapt to a changing world, and foster a vibrant community for investment opportunities and the exchange of local and international experiences, all while enhancing the Kingdom’s media standing.

On the sidelines of the forum, the Future of Media Exhibition “FOMEX” will take place, as the largest specialized media exhibition in the Middle East, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts in the field of media. The exhibition will feature numerous specialized and high-quality workshops.

FOMEX, in its second edition, aims to showcase developments in media production, both in radio and television. Additionally, it seeks to create a conducive environment for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences related to the latest technological and innovative advancements in the field of media production. This encompasses local, regional, and global content.

The forum will host over 30 sessions discussing the future of the media sector. Speakers will present various insights and trends, primarily focusing on the developments and future outlook of the industry.

The forum sessions will cover various sectors, including sports and its relationship with the media, alongside the finance and business sector, tourism, and major events. The forum will feature a dedicated session for Expo Riyadh 2030, as well as a special session for the FIFA World Cup 2034, along with discussions on vital sectors like energy, artificial intelligence applications in media, and investments in media infrastructure.