In Reality, not Behind the Screen.. Bin Mossad, Al Ibrahim, and Al Sheikh Under the Dome of the Saudi Media Forum


Whenever both traditional and new media announce episodes featuring key figures in Saudi media and entertainment, many people mark their calendars for the live broadcast. Others allocate time to watch the episode on streaming platforms after its initial airing. The viewership numbers often reach six digits, with an infinite number of shares. The upcoming episode featuring His Royal Highness Prince Abdulrahman bin Mosaad, Walid Al Ibrahim, and His Excellency Turki Al Sheikh is eagerly anticipated. The rendezvous with their fans is set to take place between February 20 and 21 under the dome of the Saudi Media Forum.

The strength attributed to the Saudi Media Forum and the Saudis lies in bringing together the region’s top media and entertainment professionals. These individuals have significantly influenced the cultural, entertainment, and media landscape in Riyadh, the Arab decision-making capital. The forum provides professionals and enthusiasts with the opportunity to meet and engage face-to-face with these influential figures, reinforcing the formidable Saudi media presence that has often shaped the Arab taste, making it challenging for anyone to compete practically and journalistically.

The Saudi Media Forum, with over 30 sessions, aims to establish communication bridges with various specialized media institutions. Its goal is to elevate the quality of media and entertainment production, keeping pace with the ever-evolving technological advancements. Additionally, the forum seeks to enhance the Saudi media industry and strengthen the Kingdom’s position globally in a rapidly evolving media landscape.