“Ignite” as the Technical partner for the Saudi Media Forum and FOMEX exhibition


Media Center January 25
The Saudi Media Forum, which will take place from February 20 to 21 and organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Journalists Association, continues to forge partnerships with various entities during its third edition.

The forum announced the inclusion of “Ignite” in its list of partners, serving as a technical partner for both the forum and the “FOMEX” Future of Media Exhibition, which will be from February 19 to 21.

“Ignite” has contributed to enhancing the Kingdom’s pioneering position in the digital content sector and its platforms. This is achieved through its ability to access talent, nurture creative skills, and develop investment opportunities in the field.

The second edition of the “FOMEX” Future of Media Exhibition is held on the sidelines of the forum, and hosting over 200 local and international companies. The exhibition showcases the latest trends and developments in the content industry, featuring several specialized and high-quality workshops conducted by experts, academics, and practitioners with expertise and competence.

The third edition of the Saudi Media Forum will witness extensive regional and international participation, hosting over 30 sessions discussing the future of media with the presence of prominent journalists, academics, and specialized experts.