JACO as the Media Partner for the Saudi Media Forum and the FOMEX Exhibition


Media Center: January 18, 2024
The Saudi Media Forum announced that "JACO" app is the media partner for its third edition, as well with FOMEX, the Future of Media exhibition, which both will take place from February 19-21. The event is organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Journalists Association.
Through its diverse partnerships with public and private entities, The Saudi Media Forum aims to enhance the content industry, elevate the quality of media production, and keep pace with the latest technologies.
Furthermore, JACO app provides diverse options in content creation with creative approaches, combining quality, entertainment, live streaming, and short videos.
The Saudi Media Forum, in its third edition, reaffirms its significance and active role in achieving a positive impact across the media landscape. It seeks to develop the media industry in Saudi Arabia, explore its latest technologies, adapt to a changing world, and foster a vibrant community for investment opportunities and the exchange of local and international experiences, all while enhancing the Kingdom's media standing.
As part of the forum's events, the "FOMEX" Future of Media exhibition is held under the theme "Future of Media." It is an artistic, technical, and media exhibition, considered the largest of its kind in the Middle East.
The exhibition showcases modern experiences in the media industry, activates contemporary television and radio production, and keeps pace with the rapid rhythm of media transformations by attracting leading entities and experiences in global production.