“Elaqat” as the Public Relations Partner for the Saudi Media Forum and the “Fomex” Exhibition


The Saudi Media Forum has announced the expansion of its partners in its third edition, including “Elaqat” Public Relations Company as a partner for public relations for both the forum and the Future of Media Exhibition “Fomex”, which is held alongside it.

The partnership is part of the ongoing preparations for the upcoming third edition of the forum, which is taking place from February 20 to 21. The event is organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Journalists Association.

“Elaqat” company stands out for its extensive experience in public relations and communication, offering various media services that cater to different types of media content. Among its notable services are managing public and media appearances, creative and journalistic content creation, organizing press conferences, and providing media training. The company is also distinguished by its close relationships and strategic partnerships with various local and international media and journalistic institutions.

This partnership between the forum and “Elaqat” contributes to enhancing the media environment and fostering effective communication among various relevant entities, thereby elevating the quality of the media industry. It also strengthens connections with both local and international media institutions, solidifying bridges of communication.