The Saudi Media Forum Launches Promotion Tour for Media Students at Saudi Universities


The Saudi Media Forum has launched a tour targeting media students at the Kingdom’s universities in a new step to promote the multiple and diverse activities and events of the forum in its third session, scheduled to be held in February 2024.

The College of Media and Communication at the Imam Moammad Ibn Saud Islamic University hosted the promotion pavilion of the forum, organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) in partnership with the Saudi Journalists Association, where students, professors and visitors were introduced to the forum’s events and activities, including awards to creative people in various fields of media, and the Future of Media Exhibition (FOMEX) and top exhibitors from various countries, bodies, and companies.

The visiting students also checked on workshops and specialized lectures, which will significantly contribute to shaping the goals of the college students and instructors, especially those targeting the youth specialized in media and communication.

The pavilion also witnessed a big turnout from students and university members, where the college has several departments for media and communication.